Hespera ensures a lower investment as well as cost reduction and a considerable improvement of your business.

Superior materials

Circular cover

Circular core


Zip-off system

Cleanable cover

With both European and North American production, delivery, taking back, upcycling and replacement takes place utilizing a very efficient tracking system, making replacement faster and more sustainable than the standard method. It also considerably reduces costs.

These unglued mattresses are lighter, more comfortable, better ventilated, washable and more hygienic, significantly reducing the percentage or chance of bedbugs.

Hespera has the exclusivity within the Martime with circular mattresses. These mattresses with patented elements are IMO MED certified and available as high quality luxurious mattresses for guests and crew, both for single and double beds in metric and imperial customisable sizes.

It’s a pleasure to connect.

It’s a pleasure to connect.
Christian Vogel, Founder
Sjors Sakellariou, Founder
Hespera International
Hambakenwetering 8b  5231DC ‘s­-Hertogenbosch
the Netherlands